We hope you will see Nitto’s firm faith and potential to the future.

Now and forever, Innovation for Customers. Nitto

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Behind Smiles (Produced in London)

There is a hidden presence supporting comfortable and healthy lifestyles from unseen places. Our new television commercial focuses on the Nitto technology and products behind peoples’ smiles.
Set to music and the theme of a tennis rally, watch as the Nitto mark reveals itself in multiple scenes and locations across the city. The footage was shot entirely in London, the host city of the Nitto ATP Finals, and is presented in a visually diverse, rhythmic style.
Beginning with our title sponsorship of the Nitto ATP Finals, keep an eye out as Nitto begins many new initiatives to strengthen our global brand.

Nitto corporate commercial - Life becomes colorful with Nitto ver.

The world is facing many worrisome problems. People are suffering from diseases for which there is still no treatment. There are people who need medication, but cannot take them orally or receive injections. To solve such problems in the world, Nitto has started tackling challenges in the life sciences field. We’ve put our will to work changing the world from black and white to color and have put it into commercials that make people smile. We are using our innovative perspective and technology to change society for the better. Please experience the new Nitto.

Innovation ver.

To solve problems in this world, we at Nitto have various people with different backgrounds work together to take on challenges of innovation. With the theme “Nitto taking on challenges”, we created movies that trace the stories of the challenges by three teams in “Automobiles that contribute to creating value for customers (business)”, “Energy saving film for windows that contribute to Green(environment)”, and “Molecular target drug delivery system that contributes to Fine(life science)”. The settings for all of these stories are Nitto facilities that our members actually use. Nitto is now trying to create a future with teamwork that goes beyond the occupational fields and areas of technology, manufacturing and sales. Please experience our enthusiasm condensed into 30 seconds.

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